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Thank you to those who attended the 2017 WRPA Conference this May.
If you missed us this year, stay tuned for more information about next year's event. 

2017 Annual Conference Schedule

WRPA 2017 Annual Conference & Trade Show Schedule
*schedule is subject to change
- Tuesday, May 2   |  Pre-Conference -
12:00 PM

Golf Tournament - Downriver Golf Course

3:00 PM

Exotic Pests and New is Not Always Better - Davenport Grand Hotel | Redwood Board Room

3:00 PM

Perennial Magic - Davenport Grand Hotel | The Skybridge Board Room

4:00 PM

Nature as Therapy - Davenport Grand Hotel | The Skybridge Board Room

4:00 PM

How to use Online Insights to Grow your Programs - Davenport Grand Hotel | Redwood Board Room

6:00 PM – 
9:00 PM

President's Social - Davenport Grand Hotel | Terrace Room East and Terrace

- Wednesday, May 3rd   |  Conference & Trade Show -
8:00 AM –
9:00 AM

9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Welcome & Keynote Speaker: James Bird Guess 

10:15 AM 10:45 AM   

Break  |  Visit Exhibitors

10:45 AM –12:00 PM
Educational Sessions

Win Big in the  Business of Fitness

Kimberly Shelton
John Kukkonen

Success Story: Passing of a $64.3M Park Bond

Leroy Eadie
Ted McGregor
Juliet Sinisterra

Secrets to Teaching Like a

Jim Reiser

Social Equity: It's a Pillar and the Future of Our Profession

Tiffany Johnson
Brenna Clausen

Out of the Tee Box

Larry Gilhuly
Jeff Gullikson
Karen Armstead
Steve Kealy

Focus on Playgrounds

Molly Deter
Scott Liebelt

Leading without a Title: Influence, Inspire & Infect

James Bird Guess

12:00 PM –1:45 PM Lunch  |  Visit Exhibitors
1:45 PM –
3:00 PM

Educational Sessions
One Step at a Time: Creating A Walking Program

Kevin Witte
Sarah Sandquist
Todd Cort
Why Signs Don't Work

Steven Starlund
American Red Cross Aquatics: Updates & Improvements

Brian Hoffmeister
Structural Racism Part I

James Lovell
Using Planning to Align Services with Community Need

Dave Lewis
Jeff Bransford
Compost Use and Organic Recycling in Parks

Edward Wheeler
Leadership Virus

James Bird Guess

3:00 PM –
3:30 PM
Break  |  Visit Exhibitors
3:30 PM –
4:45 PM

Educational Sessions
The Keys to Growing Private Donations

Carol Neupert
Heather Beebe-Steven
Engaging Communities in Building Inclusive Play Destinations

Lindsay Richardson
Preschoolers Can Swim!

Jim Reiser
Structural Racism Part II

James Lovell
Inclusive Rec: Integration Tips and Techniques

Kim Indurkar
Mary Boyle
All Things Turf: Best Practices for Responsible Turfgrass Management

Mike Greene
Time Well Spent: Life Lessons from Creative Dates

Barb Brock
6:00 PM –
9:00 PM
Social at the Mobius Science Center
- Thursday, May 4th   |   Conference & Trade Show -
8:00 AM –
9:00 AM
9:00 AM –
10:15 AM

Educational Sessions
Make Smart Hires: what you need to know for PT & Seasonal hiring

Angela Hayes
Time Well Spent: Benefits of a Digital Detox

Barb Brock
Stock Options: Growing a Better Tree Canopy Asset

Angel Spell
Jeff Perry
Youth Sports: Keeping Kids in the Game

Jeff Hagen
Katie Jones
Michael Locke
CJ Stanford
Jared Behl
Retain, Maintain and Grow Seasonal Staff

Pete DeQuincy
How Parks Build Healthy Communities

Heleen Dewey
Gretchen Chomas
A Marketing Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Dylan Packebush
10:15 AM –
11:00 AM
Break  |  Visit Exhibitors
11:00 AM –12:00 PM Networking Meetings
12:00 PM –1:45 PM Lunch  |  Visit Exhibitors
1:45 PM –
3:00 PM

Educational Sessions
Building Organizational Culture: Communication, Trust, Integrity

Mike Terrell
Don't Get Trapped: Techniques for Lawsuit Defense

Dr. Paul Green
SCORP in Washington State: Results of the 2017 Resident Survey

Jeremy Jostad
Matthew Chase
Jeremy Schultz
Leslie Connelly
This is Not Your Parents' Senior Center

Holly Peterson
The 60-Second Drill: Building Better Scenarios

Pete DeQuincy
Reimagining Riverfront Park

Guy Michaelsen
Who's your Audience?

Dylan Packebush
3:00 PM –
3:15 PM
3:15 PM –
4:30 PM

Educational Sessions
Leading Optimistically

Jeff Price
Risk Management for Managers

Dr. Paul Green
Building a Volunteer-centric Master Naturalist Training Program: A case study in community involvement

Curtis Kukal
Laura Harper
Basketball Never Stops - And Neither Does Spokane Hoopfest

Matt Santangelo
Bailee Neyland
Submersion Protocols: How to Deal with a Drowning

Pete DeQuincy
Special Event Showcase

Sarah Sandquist
Megan Worzella
Pam Barrett
Touring the Evolving Riverfront Park

Guy Michaelsen
Garrett Jones
5:00 PM –
6:00 PM
Pre-Banquet Social
6:00 PM –
8:00 PM
Awards Banquet
Late Night After Banquet Social - Nyne Bar & Bistro
- Friday, May 5  |   Conference & Trade Show -
9:00 AM –
10:15 AM
 Closing Keynote Speaker: Phillip Tyler