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Photo of the Month

Influential Senator Honored

WRPA and City of Kenmore officials teamed up to honor State Senator David Frockt (D-Seattle/46th District) at a ceremony on Monday, July 8. Senator Frockt's work on the Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) earned a $6.6 million allocation from the capital budget for 2019–2021.

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WRPA Board Member Kevin Witte, Senator David Frockt, Kenmore Mayor David Baker, and WRPA Lobbyist Doug Levy.

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How Do You Recreate?

Want to See Your Photo Here?

WRPA features photos from our members and supporters to show how they recreate. Do you have a cool picture of yourself and/or colleagues skiing or snowboarding? How about one where you're making a splash kayaking in a local lake or river? Is there a scenic spot of a favorite hike that everyone needs to see?

If you have a photo to share, please submit it to [email protected].

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Discounted Fall Summit Rates Are Available for Members
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | Lynnwood Convention Center

Join WRPA for a full day of professional development, networking, and education with the return of our 2019 Fall Summit. This year we are offering the choice of two workshops in the morning and four breakout sessions in the afternoon. Learn more about the speakers below and explore the schedule.

 WRPA Member Rates:
Non-Member Rates: 

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Become a WRPA Speaker & Share Your Skills

Help Protect Our Communities at Risk Mangement School

Risk Management School will be held February 3–4, 2020 at the Renton Community Center. This program is specifically designed for parks and recreation administrators, managers and supervisors. The curriculum also is appropriate for public works professionals, attorneys, school district personnel and risk managers, as well as port districts, public utility districts, YMCA and other non-profit organizations and related fields.


Proposals are due Friday, September 13, 2019.

Embrace Equity at the 2020 WRPA Conference

2020 WRPA Conference & Tradeshow will be held April 21–24, 2020 at the Tacoma Convention Center. It is WRPA's goal to fulfill the educational needs of our diverse conference audience by providing sessions on relevant industry topics. Conference participants are industry professionals from entry-level employees to executive-level personnel.


Proposals are due Friday, September 13, 2019.

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Agency Member Feature
Pierce County Parks & Recreation

WRPA is excited to feature a youth program that is changing lives in Piece County. The Pierce Outdoor LIFE (Leadership Instruction & Field Experiences) Program is an outdoor adventure intervention offered as a "positive probation" alternative for court-associated youth age 13-17. The program is coordinated by Pierce County Parks & Recreation, Pierce County Juvenile Court, and the Washington State University Cooperative Extension and Community Partners.

At-risk youth often struggle with school attendance, unhealthy relationships, crime, and violence due to poor social skills, lack of understanding of their learning style, interpersonal conflict, and unresolved personal issues. This program provides positive risk-taking opportunities for teens, replacing negative risk-taking behaviors and building a healthy connection between the youth, nature and their community.  

 “Every kid deserves a fresh start, it doesn’t matter what you did in the past, you have a fresh start here at Pierce Outdoor LIFE.”

–Sangkros Lok

If your agency is a WRPA member and you have a story you would like to share please email the WRPA office at [email protected].

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WRPA Aquatics Network Skillbuilder


On Saturday, June 8, 2019 the WRPA Aquatics Network hosted their Aquatic Skill Builder training. There were two speakers, two sessions, practice scenarios, and 100 attendees from 20 different agencies! Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the training and learn valuable skills from Bill O'Melia and Pete Quincy

Attendees spent the morning learning how to become better trainers within their organization with Pete DeQuincy. In the afternoon, Bill O'Melia shared his personal experience with the role management plays in aquatic safety. The day finished with practical scenarios, led by Pete Dequincy, to demonstrate and practice skills in the pool.

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Share Your Skills; Volunteer with WRPA

Gain new experience that will benefit you in your current position. Take the next step to develop and expand your career by becoming a WRPA volunteer.

New Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Learn more about these different positions on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

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Risk Management School: Registration Is Open
February 3–4, 2020 | Renton Community Center

WRPA's Risk Management School (RMS) is a bi-annual training that provides park and recreation professionals with the opportunity to learn how to manage risk at their facilities. This program teaches employees about industry best practices that keep staff and citizens safe. The RMS schedule will be announced in Fall 2019. 

 WRPA Member Rates:
$295 Thru Dec. 17, 2019
After Dec. 17, 2019

Non-Member Rates: 
$339 Flat Rate

WRPA is looking for more RMS speakers. If you are interested in sharing your risk management skills submit your presentation proposal via our online form.

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Cost Recovery Master Class Rescheduled

November 6–7, 2019 | Mercer Island Community & Event Center

110% has developed a Master Class in Cost Recovery that is being held in eight cities across the US in 2019. Host cities include Englewood, Colorado; Mesa, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Oak Park, Illinois, and Mercer Island, Washington!

This program was developed as a two-day immersive course that will cover the essentials of financial management and responsibility in public parks and recreation. Given the current economic landscape and the recurring interests in our profession being “recession-ready,” the timing could not be better for a program like this.

Registration for this event is $329.00 (taxes waived). This course is limited to 30 registrations and registrations will only be accepted through October 25, 2019. Learn more today and sign up soon.


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NRPA Parks & Recreation Magazine Highlight
The Youth Vaping Epidemic
By Vitisia Paynich

Park and recreation agencies around the US are helping to fight against this epidemic.

The e-cigarette has been around for some time but has evolved into what is known as “vaping.” Vaping is a process that replaces burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air. Vaping is intended for adults but has become more and more popular among teens in the U.S. According to data from the “2018 National Youth Survey” high school students use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed 78% between 2017-2018. Now considered an epidemic, groups are banding together to help fight this issue. Park and Recreation Agencies have taken initiatives such as banning vaping in parks and teaming up with local health, police, and other agencies to join the fight. Learn more about the facts of vaping and how Park and Recreation Agencies can help in the full NRPA article.     


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