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Breakout: Mentorship Through Music - Reaching the Unreachable 

October 14, 2020 | 10:30 – 11:45 AM

Luke Burns & Bobby Williams 

Identify challenges at-risk youth are facing and how to meet their needs by creating safe spaces and relevant programming.

Session Description:
How can you serve your ENTIRE community? Recently, the City of Olympia has been partnering with a local non-profit, The Bridge Music Project to serve at-risk youth through music mentorship and hip-hop. Through this partnership, the City is able to provide job skills, leadership and confidence building to their communities most at-risk youth. In this session, you will learn how working with your community's most passionate organizations can help you reach the hard to serve corners of your community.


  • Learn how to reach underserved communities by creating unique partnerships with non-profits, school districts, and other service providers.
  • Discuss how music and writing can be used as tools to deal with life’s challenges; while also promoting values such as teamwork, accountability, and leadership.

Luke Burns
is a Program Coordinator specializing in programs and events for youth and teens. Luke has been serving the Olympia Community for the past 15 years, getting his start as a summer camp counselor in 2004. He enjoys the challenge of serving his diverse and ever changing community. Over the years, he has coordinated a variety of offerings including middle school dance nights, after-school excursions for teens, skateboarding camps, local arts festivals, and special events at Olympia’s seasonal ice rink.

Bobby Williams is the founder and executive director of The Bridge Music Project, a Thurston County-based non-profit organization that teaches youth how music and writing can be used as tools to deal with life’s challenges.

He is also an accomplished hip-hop artist. Bobby has toured across the United States performing with some of the top names in rap including Blackalicious and Dead Prez.

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