2019 Fall Summit

"Workshop: Leadership and Storytelling"

Presented By Joe Albert

This workshop offers an opportunity to learn about two areas important for career and personal success: leadership and stories. The session begins with a focus on understanding the role of stories in our lives. The workshop then focuses on the kind of leadership demanded by the current world situation: Authentic Leadership. After exploring an understanding of authentic leadership, the course will shift focus to a key tool for leaders: the leadership story.  The remainder of the session will involve exploring each stories in terms of: definition, examples, usage, and developing skills for personal use. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of stories in everyday life.
  • Identify story types in order to use them for leadership effectiveness.
  • Understand authentic leadership that is based on understanding one’s life story.
  • Use stories to motivate, inspire and persuade staff at all levels.

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