Don't miss an opportunity to be a part of the 2016 WRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show!

May 4 - 5, 2016 | Xfinity Arena at Everett

We are planning an exciting and refreshing program that celebrates two integral aspects of Washington’s parks and recreation programs: health and fun!

The theme for the 2016 conference will be "Where Health and Fun Intersect".

WRPA is looking for participants who are eager to share their unique experiences, best practices, and lessons learned at the upcoming conference and trade show.

The 2016 Annual Conference & Trade Show will be packed full of industry know-how, great takeaways, and ample networking opportunities.

So… SAVE THE DATE! Registration begins October 1.

For more information, visit our 2016 conference page. Give us a call at 206-361-8869 or send us an email if you have any questions.


Playground Maintenance Training

October 21 - 22 | Tukwila Community Center

This training has sold out but those still interested in attending may be added to the wait list. 

 Thank you to our event sponsor!

This training targets staff working daily in parks, specifically those who work in the areas of Grounds, Structural and Facility Maintenance as well as Rangers. The training will be held at the same location as the Business Institute, so you will also have a chance to network with your colleagues.

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Business Institute

October 22 | Tukwila Community Center

You know about the four tracks that will be featured at the Business Institute, but have you had a chance to read through the sessions?  Take a moment to look through the complete list of sessions to help navigate the ever-changing landscape of parks and recreation. 

A special thanks to the Business Institute sponsors: Musco Lighting and Play Creation!

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Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Course

November 17 - 19 | Floral Hall at Forest Park

Registration is now open for the November Certified Playground Safety Inspector course.  More information about this certification program is available on the WRPA website.

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Olympia Council Approved Spending $250K

The Olympia City Council has unanimously approved a purchase option for 74 acres of undeveloped land next to LBA Park in southeast Olympia.

The key word is “option.” The deal allows the city to hold the land — known as the Trillium property — for $250,000 for future acquisition. The city has until June 30, 2016, to buy the site for $5 million.



Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) Update:

Dear Members of the CRT and CRT Council of Advisors:   We are delighted to tell you that the U.S. Senate has just passed its multi-year transportation bill with a 65-34 vote.  The provisions affecting the Recreational Trails Program were left alone.  The amendments from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) that would have eliminated RTP – which we asked you to help stop – were not brought up for consideration.
While it’s difficult to track exactly, we have heard that volumes of calls opposing Sen. Lee’s amendments were received by Senate offices.  Thank you so much for your tremendous help!
Moving forward, the Senate has also just passed (91-4) the three-month extension of the current transportation legislation that the House had already passed.  October 31, 2015 is now the new deadline for the House to pass its own multi-year transportation bill (or something else!).  We’ll be sure to let you know if other challenges to the RTP surface as the action moves to the House of Representatives.
Thanks again for all the great help.
Marianne Wesley Fowler and Derrick A. Crandall
Co-Chairs, Coalition for Recreational Trails


Hidden Wonders of Washington

Washington is a gorgeous state, known for iconic landscapes like Mount Rainier and Shi Shi beach. We set out to uncover Washington’s lesser-known treasures – special and beautiful places that are off the beaten track.



Notice of Grant Award to Metro Parks Tacoma from the National Park Service

On behalf of Jonathan B. Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, we are pleased to provide information regarding a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant award that is scheduled for public release on September 14.

Title: The Peninsula at Point Defiance
Grant Number:  53-00709
Grant Amount: $520,600.00
Total Project: $2,082,400.00

Scope: Develop the eleven acre peninsula portion of Point Defiance Park, previously the location of a smelting plant. Following remediation of the peninsula, a Superfund site, LWCF grant funds will be used to build public restrooms, paved walking trails, site furnishings, parking, and open grass fields. Grant funds will also help install utilities, lighting, park signs, and new landscaping.

Visit the NPS website for additional information about the program.


Lacey Parks & Recreation Presenting the Washington Family Entertainment Showcase on October 4 - It's Free!

Don’t miss this year’s Showcase of great family focused entertainers!  Several performers will provide a brief introduction to their act, and many others will also be available to chat with at the event to help you fill in your summer children’s entertainment series, holiday special events, festivals and more!  Save money by block booking with other cities/schools/libraries!

The Showcase is free!  For more information, visit the Washington Family Entertainment Showcase website.  Please pre-register online if you wish to attend.


 Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) Review of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP)

The WWRP is a statewide grant program that provides funding for a broad range of land protection and outdoor recreation projects, including park acquisition and development, habitat conservation, farmland preservation, riparian protection, and construction of outdoor recreation facilities. Authorized in 1990, the WWRP was envisioned as a way to acquire valuable recreation and habitat lands before they were lost to other uses and to develop recreation areas for a growing population (RCW 79A.15).

RCO has been asked to convene and facilitate a stakeholder process to review the WWRP and make recommendations for statutory revisions by December 1, 2015. To assist with the WWRP review process, we would like ten or fifteen minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire regarding WWRP goals, policies and evaluation processes. Results will be posted via the RCO website. Please contact the RCO's Policy Director Wendy Brown with any questions you might have. 

Questionnaire closes October 18

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Recent Job Postings

  • Parks Operations Superintendent, Mercer Island
  • Outdoor Grants Manager, Recreation and Conservation Office
  • Maintenance Laborer, Metro Parks Tacoma
  • Maintenance Technician, Asotin County
  • Faculty Maintenance Technician, Bainbridge Island
  • Recreation Coordinator - Cultural Arts/Marketing, Marysville
  • Riverfront Park Director, Spokane

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November 17 - 19 Certified Playground Maintenance Inspector (CPSI) Course Floral Hall at Forest Park
January 27 - 28, 2016 2016 Risk Management School TBD
May 4 - 5, 2016 Annual Conference Everett Xfinity Convention Center
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