WRPA Membership Frequently Asked Questions

WRPA has launched a new membership structure for 2019. This guide should help you navigate this new change. If you have additional questions please reach out to the WRPA office via email at [email protected] or via phone at (206) 361-8869.

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Q: Why did the WRPA Board feel the need to change the structure?

A: The WRPA Board wanted to make it easier for agencies to decide which member type was right for them. The WRPA office had expressed concerns over the logistics of maintaining linked profiles, as it has been difficult for many gold agency members to keep track of which employees were members of the agency and if the agency had any additional individual professional memberships. The new structure allows agency level members to more easily maintain their list of employee members by having all agency employees under on agency Membership, freeing up both member time and staff time to focus on new trainings, events, and member-based opportunities.

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Q: My agency is currently a Gold Agency Member. How will this impact us?

A: When it comes time for your agency to renew their membership in 2019, you will have the option to move to one of the new Agency Member levels or purchase individual Professional Memberships for your employees. If you choose to move to the new Agency Membership, your agency will pay one flat rate for all WRPA benefits (including the additional 10% registration rate discount Agency Members receive)This gives all of your full-time staff, Council, Board, and Commissioners access to all of WRPA, unlike the old system that provided WRPA access for a limited number of employee members. 

If your agency does not need to become an Agency Member. You may also choose to purchase individual Professional Memberships for your employees instead. This means that when it comes time to renew, each employee on your staff will need to renew at the appropriate professional rate.

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Q: My agency is a Platinum Agency Member. How does this impact us?

A: This structural change will have little to no impact on you and your agency. Platinum Agency Members will now be called Agency Members. The renewal process for these members will be the same as before, but some rates will be changing. Please see the Agency Membership rates to see how pricing will change.

Q: As an employee of an agency that is currently a Platinum Member, do I still receive discounts on training?

A: Yes. All Agency Employee Members will receive the highest available discount off all trainings and events starting January 1, 2019. 

Q: I am currently an individual Professional Member. How does this change impact me?

A: Individual Professional Member pricing will change slightly. When it is time to renew your membership in 2019, you will receive the same email as you normally would with the new Professional Member rates. Remember, individual professional members do not receive the additional 10% discounted registration rates that Agency Membership receive. You may consider switching your membership to an Agency Membership. If your organization already has an Agency Membership, make sure an updated membership list is emailed to the WRPA Office. 

Q: What is the Emerging Professional Membership? Do I qualify?

A: The new Emerging Professional Membership rate is valid for any parks and recreation employee—part-time or full-time—who has never been a WRPA member before. This membership type was created to encourage new emerging professionals to be more involved in WRPA.

Q: I was part of an agency that was a Gold or Platinum Member and now I have an individual Professional Membership. Can I join as an Emerging Professional Member?

A: Unfortunately no, you cannot join as an Emerging Professional member. This is only available for new WRPA members and for student members who have recently graduated.

Q: I had a WRPA Student Membership but have since graduated and now have a job in parks and rec and want to join WRPA. What do I do?

A: Congratulations on graduating and starting your career in parks and recreation. Is your employer a WRPA Agency Member? If they are, then you are automatically eligible for an Agency Employee membership! Please email the WRPA office at [email protected] and let us know which agency you are with so we can transfer your profile to their membership.

If your agency does not yet have a membership, then you are eligible to join WRPA at an Emerging Professional Member for two years. You could also talk with your agency director about joining WRPA as an Agency Member, which would offer WRPA benefits to all of your colleagues.