House Environment & Energy: Agenda Update

We’re back at it with legislative session as the legislature officially convened Monday the 8th for a 60-day session. They’re hitting the ground running with public hearings on relevant bills. As you’ll see highlighted below, HB 2051 has been scheduled for a hearing on January 11 which relates to small off-road engines (like maintenance and landscaping equipment).

See bill language here:

This bill would phase out new gas-powered off-road engines (like landscape/lawn equipment) by Jan. 1 2027 and adopt California SORE standards. The bill establishes a temporary grant program for zero-emission equipment and also authorizes a temporary sales tax exemption for outdoor power equipment. The bill also states that nothing in the section restricts the use of small off-road engines produced before January 1, 2027.

So, there are some good pieces and the grant program should be $5m/year which is nice. The main question is, would this be enough money and do we think this is feasible for our maintenance folks?

Here’s the staff bill summary and notable language below.

Brief Summary of Bill

  • Adopts California's small off-road engine and equipment (SORE) standards and authorizes the Department of Ecology to adopt rules to maintain consistency with California standards.
  • Exempts chainsaws and generators from California SORE standards and authorizes Ecology to temporarily delay the effective date of SORE restrictions for specific categories or use cases of SORE.
  • Establishes a temporary grant program for local governments for zero emission outdoor power equipment.
  • Establishes a temporary sales and use tax exemption for zero emission outdoor power equipment.

Notable language:

Page 3: The department of ecology 11 may adopt rules to implement the small off-road engine and equipment 12 standards of the state of California, and may amend the rules from 13 time to time, to maintain consistency with the California standards. 14 The rules may only apply to small off-road engines and equipment 15 produced on or after January 1, 2027, or as soon as the department 16 determines that it is feasible and allowed under the federal clean 17 air act, whichever is later. Nothing in this section restricts the 18 use of small off-road engines or equipment produced prior to January 1, 2027.

Page 4: (1) The department must administer an outdoor power equipment 21 grant program for local governments that use outdoor power equipment. 22 Grants issued under this section may only be used to replace 23 existing, working-condition outdoor power equipment powered by liquid 24 or gaseous or fossil fuels with zero emissions outdoor power equipment.25 26 (2) Among grants that are issued under this section, the 27 department must prioritize grants that will result in the greatest 28 benefits to vulnerable populations or that will reduce the most 29 hazardous or frequent occupational exposures caused by outdoor power equipment.30 31 (3) It is the intent of the legislature to dedicate $5,000,000 per year to the outdoor power equipment grant program, beginning in 33 calendar year 2025 and ending in calendar year 2029.

Public Hearing:

1. HB 2068 - Concerning the environmental impacts of fashion. (Remote Testimony Available). (If measure is referred to committee.)

2. HB 1900 - Implementing strategies to achieve higher recycling rates within Washington's existing solid waste management system. (Remote Testimony Available). (If measure is referred to committee.)

3. HB 2073 - Concerning emissions of greenhouse gases from sources other than methane and carbon dioxide. (Remote Testimony Available). (If measure is referred to committee.)

4. HB 2051 - Reducing emissions from small off-road engines. (Remote Testimony Available). (If measure is referred to committee.)

See for information about viewing and providing public testimony at committee meetings.

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