Elevate Your Park with Kalispel Metal Products: Quality Picnic Tables, Benches, and Garbage Cans

As the warmer temperatures of spring arrive and parks become a hub of outdoor activities, providing your visitors with comfortable and long-lasting amenities is crucial. Kalispel Metal Products offers a wide range of items that make enjoying a day in the sunshine a walk in the park! We have picnic tables, benches, trail markers, garbage cans, and much more that are the perfect choice for enhancing any park or outdoor space.   


When it comes to park accessories, durability is essential, and our high-quality, reliable products are proudly made by our skilled craftsmen to withstand the test of time. We use only the best quality materials, including steel and aluminum, which are known for their strength and resistance to weathering. Heavy-gauge steel frames are welded by hand and then finished with your choice of powder coating to protect against rust, corrosion, and fading due to UV exposure. These features ensure that these additions to your park remain sturdy and attractive even after years of heavy use in outdoor environments.

In addition to our picnic tables and benches, we also offer garbage cans and trail markers that are built to withstand the elements. Made from the same heavy-duty steel or aluminum, these are designed to resist vandalism and endure harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. These items will not only help to keep the park clean but will also provide a fun and inviting way for your visitors to explore your park.

Comfort is typically a top priority for park-goers, and our team understands this. Each of our picnic tables and benches is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing an elevated experience for park visitors. The tabletops are perfectly sized to accommodate all their picnic supplies, while the powder coating provides protection from extreme temperatures that would normally make metal undesirable, especially in the summer months. This attention to detail ensures that visitors can relax and enjoy their time in the park focusing on their favorite outdoor activities.

Each item from Kalispel Metal Products offers a variety of customizable options, allowing you to create amenities that perfectly fit your park's aesthetic and functional requirements. You can choose from a vast selection of color options for each product, allowing you to match them with your park's color scheme or branding. Additionally, you can opt for custom cutouts, logos, or lettering on each product, adding a personalized touch to your park amenities. We have worked with several municipalities, resorts, and parks to create an inviting visitor experience that keeps people coming back time and time again.

We recognize that maintaining park amenities can be time-consuming and costly. However, each of our products is also easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them ready to entice visitors to relax and stay a while. The powder coating is long-lasting and will ensure that your park amenities look brand new for years to come.

Investing in high-quality picnic tables, benches, and garbage cans from Kalispel Metal Products is a smart decision for any park or outdoor space. With our durability, comfort, customization options, and easy maintenance, their products are built to last for generations of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

All of our products are made by hand on the Kalispel Reservation, located in Northeast Washington state. We have decades of experience in metal fabrication and production, and we back our products with a lifetime guarantee. For more information about our products, including information about bulk purchases, please visit our website kalispelmetalproducts.com or call us at 509.447.7440.


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