Outdoor Recreation, Phase 1 Clarifications and Phase 2 Requirements – Proclamation 20-25 and Proclamation 20-25.2

Phase 1 & 2: Recreation Clarification & Requirements

A Message from Governor Jay Inslee

This memorandum serves to make further clarifications for Outdoor Recreation, Phase 1, and sets forth additional Phase 2 criteria.  This memorandum is effective as of May 14, 2020. 

After consulting with stakeholders, we have developed Outdoor Recreation Phase 1 Clarifications and Phase 2 COVID-19 Requirements. These requirements apply as long as Gubernatorial Proclamation 20-25, or any extension thereof, is in effect or if adopted as rules by a federal, state or local regulatory agency.

This memorandum applies to:

  • Staffed outdoor tennis facilities, public and private;
  • Guided ATV, paddle sports, horseback riding, and fishing;
  • Go-cart tracks, ORV/motocross facilities, and participant-only motorsports; and
  • All other activities substantially similar in operation and equally able to meet the requirements mandated by this memorandum. 

This memorandum supersedes any conflicting provision in the Appendix to Proclamation 20-25, “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” and the Governor’s March 31, 2020, Guidance Bulletin, and stands in the place of any other omission from either document.

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Phase 1 Clarifications &
Phase 2 COVID-19 Requirements

Outdoor recreation operations covered by this memo may proceed immediately if:

  • They can meet and maintain all requirements, including providing materials, schedules, and equipment needed to comply; and
  • They conduct only those activities that are allowed under their county’s phase status.

General questions about how to comply with safety practices can be submitted to the state’s Business Response Center.

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