Resource Management Plans: Why and How

Heath Uncapher, Maintenance Technician for Redmond Parks Operations | Joanna Martin, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager for City of Longview | Social Hall

Resource Management Plan are a vital planning and budgeting tool that is successfully used for parks maintenance, recreation, urban forestry, facilities, utilities and fleet departments. Any agency that has assets they maintain can benefit from developing a Resource Management Plan. Learn from Regents with the Pacific Northwest Resource Management the benefits and uses of these plans, including how they can be used to support budget justifications and requests.   

Learning objectives:

1) Clear understand of what Resource Management Plan are and what information they contain
2) Learn how to use Resource Management Plans as a tool for planning maintenance tasks throughout a year and how much those tasks will cost
3) Discover how data from Resource Management Plans can be used effectively during the budget process or when looking at adding new assets to your existing system to justify budget request