Adapting to Climate Change in Public Landscapes

Jessi Bloom | Social Hall

Land stewards now face extreme weather and pest-related challenges as well as navigating the complex human context from safety with visitors to management budget for making changes. The heat and drought are causing plants like keystone species to struggle and increasing noxious weed pressures, but some of the solutions can be quite simple. Join ecological designer, arborist and author, Jessi Bloom who shares practical ideas for tackling climate change challenges from her decades of experience in the field - both in the private and public sectors. She will discuss tree care, restoration, plant choices, simple maintenance tricks, water conservation and permaculture concepts to implement on the land for more success in this unpredictable climate.

Learning objectives:

1) How to perform a quick assessment of the health of trees and plants.
2) How to minimize water use. 
3) Species selections that are the most resilient to temperature extremes.
4) Simple maintenance schedule changes.

5) Lawn alternatives.