Advancing Equity, Health, and Resiliency with Stormwater Parks

Erika Harris (moderator), Senior Planner, Puget Sound Regional Council
Bethany Steadman, Civil Engineer/Project Manager, AHBL
Brooke Ensor, NPDES Coordinator, City of Marysville
Sarah Olson, MPA, Deputy Director - Lynnwood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department


Stormwater parks can help with many challenges that cities and counties face, such as equity, health, water quality, and resiliency. Stormwater parks are facilities that provide both stormwater treatment and recreation. Stormwater parks vary greatly in form, function, and size, so they can work well on a variety of sites. The objective of the session will be to show different types of stormwater parks and how to plan for and fund them.

Learning objectives:

1) Learn what stormwater parks are and the multiple benefits they provide, including the many types of recreational activities that can occur in them.
2) Understand considerations for siting stormwater parks and hear about ones that have already been developed in the region.
3) Learn about how to plan and fund stormwater parks and about considerations for maintenance.

Speaker Info:

Erika Harris (moderator), Senior Planner, Puget Sound Regional CouncilErika Harris is a planner in the Growth Management group at Puget Sound Regional Council. She has over 15 years of experience in environmental, urban, and regional planning. At PSRC, Erika works on comprehensive plan review, open space planning, advancing racial equity, Puget Sound recovery, and other issues at the intersection of planning and sustainability. She holds master’s degrees in urban planning and public policy and governance from the University of Washington.



Bethany Steadman, Civil Engineer/Project Manager, AHBLBethany Steadman is a civil engineer and project manager at AHBL with over a decade of experience in civil engineering. Her work includes all stages, including master planning, preliminary and feasibility studies, value engineering, permitting and construction documents, and construction services. She is passionate about stormwater management and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), especially in providing solutions that are both environmentally friendly and meets the client’s short- and long-term needs.



Brooke Ensor, NPDES Coordinator, City of Marysville - Brooke Ensor has worked for the City of Marysville for 15 years in the Surface Water and GIS divisions. She currently oversees the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit program as the team lead. Brooke is a successful grant writer, securing multiple grants from the Department of Ecology to fund new programs and storm water retrofit projects.




Sarah Olson, MPA, Deputy Director - Lynnwood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department  - As Deputy Director, Sarah oversees long-range planning, capital development, and healthy communities programming. Under her leadership, Lynnwood was selected as a 10-minute walk grant recipient and is committed to inclusive community engagement and equitable park access and park planning. Sarah is working ensure Lynnwood’s park system investments address equity, create new health opportunities, and improve environmental resiliency.