2021 Fall Webinar Series | November 5 & November 12

WRPA traditionally holds a training event in the fall. This has evolved and taken on many shapes over the years. In 2019, it was a summit focused on leadership. In 2020, it was held virtually. This year, we were excited to finally be back in person at the Lynnwood Convention Center. However, due to low enrollment and a concern for the health and safety of participants, instructors, and staff amid the ongoing COVID pandemic, WRPA will no longer be holding the October Fall Training Event in person at the Lynnwood Convention Center. Instead, we will be transitioning the content from this course to an online webinar series format.

Sign up now to join us for this year's professional development program focused on customer service. This event will be held on November 5 (Session A) and 12 (Session B and Session C). Registration includes both days of activities. This event also qualifies for reimbursement under WCIA’s Training Reimbursement Program.

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The 2021 WRPA Fall Training Event qualifies for reimbursement under WCIA’s Training Reimbursement Program upon program completion. Reimbursement can be applied under entity’s annual 1% training reimbursement allotment or under the Scholarship program. Requestors should confer with their entity’s assigned WCIA Delegate and/or Alternate for reimbursement authorization. Requests must be submitted through the WCIA Origami Member Portal by the designated Origami user.  For questions or to determine your WCIA Delegate,  Alternate or Origami user, contact WCIA Member Services at [email protected].


*This schedule is subject to change.

Webinar Part One | November 05, 2021

Time  Event
9:00 AM PT  Opening Remarks

9:15 AM PT – 12:00 PM PT
(includes 15 minute break)

Webinar Session A: Crafting Great Customer Experiences

Presented by: Bobbi Nance, CPRP


Great customer service is important, but not enough on its own to keep customers loyal to your organization.  This fun workshop will have you stepping out of your job description and into your customers’ shoes in order to see your services in a new light.  Begin the important work of brainstorming ideas that eliminate pain points, anticipate and proactively address customer barriers and stressful moments, and inject surprises and elevated experiences that take what’s great about your services and make them even better.  At the end, you’ll walk away with an actual plan for improving one of your recreation programs or services as well as a process for repeating it with other services when you get back to work. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the subtle differences between customer service and customer experience, and the additional benefits of aiming for a great experience
  • Identify common pain points that exist for customers, even when providing great customer service
  • Integrate opportunities to take your services to the next level without breaking the bank
      CEU: TBD


Webinar Part Two | November 12, 2021

Time  Event
9:00 AM PT  Opening Remarks
9:15 AM PT – 10:30 AM PT

Webinar Session B: Looking, Listening, and Learning: Easy Ways to Better Understand Your Customers

Presented by: Bobbi Nance, CPRP


Understanding our customers’ needs, wants, and preferences has always been complicated, but with individualization and expectations on the rise, it’s getting even harder. Before you send out another survey, discover new ways to gain insights about your customers - everything from simple observations to creative dives into your data, as well as tweaks that you can implement to make your current efforts more impactful. With the potential to positively impact everything from equity to income, don’t miss this chance to look at your customers in a new light to better engage and serve your community.

Learning Objectives:

  • List new ways to describe and categorize customers based on behaviors instead of basic demographics
  • Align organizational goals with customer evaluation efforts
  • Identify potentially untapped sources of information and inspiration that can provide insights about customers
      CEU: TBD
10:30 AM PT – 10:45 AM PT  Break
10:45 AM PT – 12:00 PM PT

Webinar Session C: Planning for Our COVID Comeback

Presented by: Bobbi Nance, CPRP


The only thing that is certain about the events of the past year and a half is that they have definitely made an impact on our operations, our staff, and our customers. But figuring out which shifts are permanent, which ones are temporary, and where opportunities still exist to create a better “normal” is still up in the air. In the first half of this session, we’ll review what we know so far from available data, emerging trends, and how park and recreation organizations are responding. Then, through breakout groups, combine those insights with what you are seeing at your own organization to brainstorm and strategize what your own unique COVID comeback may look like.

Learning Objectives:

  • List ways that current data and trends indicate that we have changed due to the events of 2020
  • Discuss ways that these societal and customer changes may impact the parks and recreation industry
  • Utilize new techniques to brainstorm and strategize ways to best move your team and services forward



Bobbi Nance, CPRP

President, Recreation Results, LLC

At Recreation Results, we take our name quite literally.

We're a consulting company that provides fun and engaging tools, hands-on activities, trainings, and workshops that generate insights and momentum for changemakers and their organizations working in the parks, open space, recreation, sports, and fitness industries. We know you'd never use ever-shrinking resources and ever-increasing demands as an excuse to sit on the sidelines, so we're here to give you the inspiration and direction to continue to up your game.

Bobbi Nance is the President of Recreation Results LLC where she works with park and recreation organizations to improve their use of data, evaluation, and strategy. But more importantly, she’s known for showing park and recreation professionals across North America how to turn information into insights and ideas into action—all while keeping it engaging, relatable, and practical. She’s a firm believer in the powerful combination of a clear purpose, passion, and plan and makes sure that all of her workshop attendees, whether at NRPA, Athletic Business, American Camping Association, or other events, walk away with a dose of all three. 


Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be submitted via email to the WRPA Office. Cancellations submitted on or before October 29, 2021 will receive a refund, less a $20 processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after October 29, 2021. Substitute attendees will be permitted, and requests for substitutions must be submitted via email.

Technical Failure Policy:

It is the responsibility of the attendee to confirm system requirements and test their computers prior to the start of the webinar. If a technical failure is the fault of the service provider and the webinar is canceled, a full refund will be provided. Fall Summit WILL be recorded.