WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



Managing Work Without Working to Manage 

Thursday, April 11 | 2:30pm - 3:45pm 

Session Description:

Do you ever leave work with your to-do lists half-finished? Do you get stuck moving forward with new programs and projects because of your bottomless in-box? Are you constantly dealing with a stream of minor crises only you can handle or are your endless emails, phone calls, and interruptions leaving you wondering, “will I ever get caught up?” This session will share proven workflow management techniques that will help participants get caught up and start getting ahead. They will learn how to work strategically and organized, adding more value within their agencies. Feel less stressed, and best of all, get those high-priority items done! It's no secret that successful people are those who have learned a system to manage organization techniques and work flow. Don't keep letting interruptions, paper chases, and phone calls derail the workday. Participants will learn to take control of their workflow!


Tracy Kribs, recreation supervisor, Willamalene Park and Recreation District

About the Speaker:

Tracy’s mind is a bank of knowledge containing 20 years of experience working with older adults, early childhood, adaptive recreation, and inclusion services. Tracy is a recreation supervisor for Willamalane Park and Recreation District specializing in program development, equity, inclusion, strategic planning, and operations management. She has earned master’s degrees in public administration and community regional planning from the University of Oregon and is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. When she isn’t making Springfield a nicer place for underserved individuals to live, she enjoys knitting, running and adventuring in the mountains.


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