WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



Managing Online Reputations 

Wednesday, April 10 | 1:10pm - 2:25pm 

Session Description:

We fret about surveys, comment cards and customer feedback. But when “Word of mouth” moves online, how are you managing it…and making it work to your advantage? We’ll go over some best practices, where to look for your customer feedback and some strategies on how to take advantage of your greatest ambassadors – your customers. 

  • Websites where your reputation could be at stake
  • How to control the conversation and the message
  • How to turn your ambassadors into your biggest fans


Sophia McKee, Marketing & Communications Manager, Metro Parks Tacoma

Colin Walker

About the Speakers:

Sophia McKee is a marketing professional, brand guru, and modern day adventurer. When she’s not riding reindeer in Mongolia or hunting with Eagles in the Kazakhs, she’s bringing an adventurous marketing attitude to Metro Parks Tacoma. 


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