WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



Making Volunteer Management Work 

Wednesday, April 10 | 1:10pm - 2:25pm 

Session Description:

Small budget with little to no staff?  That’s where volunteers come in—if agencies are willing to utilize them. Learning to embrace and effectively utilize volunteers is a vital survival strategy for budget-strapped departments. Volunteers not only add staff support, they are often agencies’ biggest champions for major funding initiatives. Participants will explore some of the misconceptions about working with volunteers and cover helpful tools for turning reluctant staff into successful co-managers of volunteer teams. 

  • Identify helpful tools to turn reluctant staff into willing co-managers of volunteer teams.
  • Avoid and diffuse common staff-volunteer conflicts. 
  • Identify new ways volunteers can be key partners within organizations.


Marcia Hale, CVA, Program Director, Volunteer Connections, a program of the Human Services Council

About the Speakers:

Marcia has an extensive background in building and sustaining effective volunteer programs. She has developed high performing volunteer programs for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and Chabot Space and Science Center, and currently serves as the program director for Volunteer Connections, a volunteer center and retired and senior volunteer program grantee in Clark County, Washington. She has also served as an assistant park ranger in an Oregon State Park, a contractor for a backyard habitat certification program, and in two nature centers as an animal enrichment and education volunteer. She has successfully mentored many reluctant staff in the fine art of building and sustaining amazing volunteer teams.

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