WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



F this S

Friday, April 12 | 9:00am - 10:15am 

Session Description:

End the conference with a double shot of energy, inspiration and a hell-yeah, can-do attitude that you need to make this year the best year ever! In this interactive, high energy program, we’ll take a look at our beliefs on success, why burn out happens, and how you can enjoy your life, own your happiness & love your success. Rooted in the goal of keeping high performers and awesome professionals in our industry, attendees will gain awareness about burnout, the signs to watch out for and how to save yourself and others from saying "F*** this S***" and walking away from work you love.


Rachel Sheerin

About the Speaker:

Rachel Sheerin is an international speaker and trainer who is on a personal mission to help people sell more, be happy and define success on their own terms!

 Featured in Inc. Magazine for her unorthodox training and keynotes, Rachel's clients include dynamic hospitality, service-focused comapnies and organizations that want their employees to be successful and happy. Companies and business owners seek out Rachel to help boost sales and energy in their team and profits, using professional behavioral assessments and real-life hospitality experience to make training fun, engaging and effective. Rachel currently serves as International Director of Education for WIPA, is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, and takes her margaritas on the rocks. You can learn more about Rachel and see her adorable pitbull, Bricks, by visiting www.RachelSheerin.com or emailing her at [email protected]






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