WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



Administrative Rulemaking: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Places of Public Accommodation 

Thursday, April 11 | 10:35am - 11:50am 

Session Description:

This session will provide an overview of the agency rulemaking process for civil rights legislation in Washington State, focusing on sexual orientation and gender identity in places of public accommodation. Participants should bring questions for an open Q&A session to better understand what is required by the law.


Janice Whitman, Civil Rights Specialist, Washington State Human Rights Commission

About the Speaker:

Janice Whitman is a Civil Rights Specialist with the Washington State Human Rights Commission, where she began as an Investigator nearly two decades ago. Her work includes education and outreach, technical assistance, case consultation, settlement agreement compliance, investigative reconsiderations, complex case resolution, and providing assistance to staff and management in meeting the agency mission.

Janice has an extensive background in civil rights education, and has presented to numerous professional organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and other entities on state and federal civil rights laws, including EEOC Training Institute, Washington Council of School Attorneys, local and national human resource management associations, Attorney General’s Office, private and public sector labor, and other organizations.

Janice has a background in law enforcement, has served in the Air Force Reserves, and is an outdoor enthusiast who has summited Mt. Adams twice as well as the highest peak in the contiguous United States, Mt. Whitney in California. Prior to joining the Commission, Janice worked as a judicial clerk after receiving her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School. She is an active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin.


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