WRPA 2018 Annual Conference and Tradeshow

Keynote Speaker - Jan Spence



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Date/Time: Wednesday, May 2, 9:00am - 10:15am

Speaker: Jan Spence, Former Pro Female Football Player

Presentation:  "It's Game Time! Life Lessons from a Former Pro Female Football Player" 


As a former full-tackle football player in a professional national women's league, Jan's story inspires listeners to believe that they truly CAN do anything if they want it badly enough. They’ll be inspired to plan for their futures and follow their dreams as they go on the roller-coaster ride of the unbelievable story of Jan Spence. She shares her journey of acknowledging her dream of playing professional football, taking advantage of opportunity even though she wasn't prepared, and pushing through fear and obstacles to make her passion a reality. Participants will laugh at her challenges and be filled with inspiration as they acknowledge their own aspirations for the future. Jan will inspire the audience to nourish their plans for the community and watch them grow.  In this interactive session, the audience will apply what they learn so that they walk away with a plan to act on their own vision for success.

Participants will be empowered with a new perspective, ready to "tackle" their exciting journey ahead with:

  • A new perspective of taking ownership of their role in their organization.
  • Tools to combat the fear that holds them back from pushing out of their comfort zone.
  • Having identified and been inspired to take steps to grow personally and professionally.

About Jan:

Jan Horton Spence is an international speaker, consultant, trainer and business coach. With contagious charisma and a zest for life which make her an excellent motivator and leader, the Georgia native has used her vast knowledge in sales, marketing, communications, finances and business operations to help numerous clients including Pillsbury, Walmart, and Frito-Lay.

Jan and her husband, Mitch, launched the second FiltaFry franchise in the US in 2003. As CEO, Jan built such a successful operation that they were awarded the “2005 Franchisee of the Year” by the International Franchise Association. Meeting their four-year plan, they sold the business in 2007 at 300% ROI. Since then, Jan has circled the globe as a trainer, consultant, and speaker for franchisees, organizations, and companies.