Session: "Digital Involvement - Who's participating and How do You Reach Them?"
Track: Communication and Marketing

1:00pm - 4:00pm
Speaker: Penny Mabie, EnviroIssues

Description: You need community input. The same people are attending all your meetings.  Your community is busy, but they want to have their say.  Your millennial audience isn’t paying attention. We’re all facing it - attention spans are shrinking, media overload is rampant and it’s getting harder and harder to engage our audiences in the decisions that affect their lives. Everyone’s busy on their phone, their phablet, or their laptop.  Hmm, is online engagement the answer?  Join in this discussion and we’ll explore a suite of digital engagement technologies, their practicality, their challenges and their successes.

During the session you’ll:

  • Explore some new and not-too-old digital technologies
  • Practice planning for digital engagement
  • Explore case studies to learn best practices and practices to avoid

Speaker Bio: Penny Mabie

Penny Mabie is a public participation leader with more than two decades of experience engaging audiences in decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods. Penny specializes in public involvement, facilitation, development and delivery of training programs, and supporting inter-jurisdictional strategic planning and communication efforts.  Prior to her work in the consulting arena, Penny provided education, outreach, program planning and public involvement for Thurston County and the City of Olympia’s solid waste programs for almost 10 years.
Since 2000, as a public involvement consultant for EnviroIssues, Penny has provided facilitation and public participation services to support public infrastructure siting and design, multi-jurisdictional task forces on topics including flood control, transportation planning, and landscape-scale conservation and advisory committees on protected bike lanes, groundwater contamination and school facilities planning.  
Penny is known for her facilitation, management and implementation of short- and long-term processes with respect and a focus on achieving measurable and durable outcomes. Penny received her MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and her BA in Public Policy and Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College. She is a licensed trainer with the International Association of Public Participation.


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