Session: "Resolve and Prevent Workplace Conflicts (Your Own and Others’)"
Track: Organization & Administration

9:00am - 12:00pm
Speaker: Wallace Wilkins, Ph.D., Resolution Resource Center

Many people let their workplace conflicts fester, hoping that they’ll go away. Instead of avoiding conflicts, you can learn specific steps to approach “dicey” situations and talk it out. In this skillshop, you’ll see how to resolve your own conflicts and how to mediate conflicts between other people. You can create win/win outcomes so that both parties win—no one walks away feeling like a defeated loser. Apply the ground rules that professional mediators use to achieve successful outcomes. Negotiate positive outcomes that increase organizational effectiveness with just about any personality type.

Speaker Bio: Wallace Wilkins, Ph.D.

Wallace Wilkins, PhD, serves as organizational coach, conflict mediator, licensed psychologist and personal consultant for successful leaders. He is Master Trainer and Senior Consultant for the Resolution Resource Center. Wally speaks and writes about powerful strategies for individuals and organizations to create low-stress, low-conflict, high achievement. A graduate of the University of Washington, his training programs have been well-received by the State of Washington, the United States Postal Service, the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Nintendo and the Project Management Institute. Globally, he has served organizations in Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Chile and Malaysia.

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