PREP University Speaker Pool

Connecting Local Universities with Park & Recreation Professionals

What Is the University Speaker Pool?

The PREP University Speaker Pool consists of local parks and recreation professionals whose experience categorizes them as subject matter experts. These industry experts graciously agree to volunteer their time (when needed) to local universities that are in need of panel members or guest speakers to add value and real-world perspective to their course teachings. Speakers will be invited to participate (virtually or in-person) and speak to students and professors about their experience and perspective. Learn more about how to participate below.

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Why Did We Start the University Speaker Pool?

In an effort to assist local universities in providing students with real-world experiences and perspectives, the Parks & Recreation Emerging Professionals (PREP) Committee has created a speaker pool of industry experts. Each speaker has at least one area of mastery including, but not limited to, Event Management, Outdoor Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, and Tourism.

The pool is intended to be a resource for professors to quickly find subject matter experts within the field who are available to volunteer their time for speaking engagements in order to educate and inspire the next generation of recreation professionals.

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Currently, the program’s participating universities include:

If your university is not listed and you would like to participate in our program please them [email protected] for more information. 

How Do I Participate in the University Speaker Pool?

Are you an experienced park and recreation professional looking for new ways to flex your skill and share your knowledge?

To participate simply complete the application below and upload it to our Drive. Please be sure to be as specific as possible in your application regarding your knowledge, skills, abilities, and specialties. Once your form is submitted, it will be added to our speaker pool database. University professors will then contact speakers from the pool based on their needs. Please note, that the expectation is that speakers volunteer their time to share their expertise and assist in the development and growth of our future professionals.

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Top Reasons to Participate in the University Speaker Pool

  1. Give Back to the Profession: Share your expertise and advice with those trying to break into the profession in order to assist them on their professional journey.
  2. Build Your Speaking Skills: Take advantage of an opportunity to practice and improve your public speaking skills, virtually and in-person.
  3. Resume’ Enhancer: Add your professional speaking engagement to your list of accomplishments on your resume.
  4. Opportunity to Promote Your Agency: Use the opportunity to engage with students and professors as a way to present a positive image of your agency which could lead to future opportunities to recruit staff and partner with the university’s recreation degree program.